Current Projects – Heather McIntosh

Z For Zachariah – Visual Soundtrack – Heather McIntosh

Excerpts from ‘Compliance’ by Heather McIntosh

Excerpts from ‘Compliance’ by Heather McIntosh

2012, dir: Craig Zobel
Original Score by Heather McIntosh

‘Compliance Theme’
‘Sandra’s Walk’
‘Van Arrives’
‘Detective Neals’ Drive’

Heather McIntosh, Cello, Celeste, Glockenspiel, Electric Bass
Derek Almstead, Electric Guitar, Percussion
Kris Deason, Electric Guitar, Electronics
Peter Erchick, Piano
Andy Gonzales, Electric Guitar
Eric Harris, Percussion
John Lindaman, Electric Guitar
Jeremy Thal, French Horn
Jeremy Wheatley, Marimba

Final mix by William Files
Engineered by Derek Almstead, Heather McIntosh, and Andrew Gonzales
Recorded at Pixel Studio, Roger and Phyllis Dancz Center for New Music, and Jon.Gerie Studios, and Skywalker Sound
Pre-Mix Refinement by Griffin Rodriguez at The Shape Shoppe West

Excerpts by Heather McIntosh

‘Where Things Leave Off’ (excerpt 1) performed by Japancakes
‘Where Things Leave Off’ (excerpt 2) performed by Japancakes
‘Theme for a Film’ performed by Japancakes
‘Tu me souviens’ (Intro) performed by George Davidson and Heather McIntosh
‘Tu me souviens’ (Guitar Interlude) performed by Andy Gonzales
‘Carnival’ performed by The Instruments
‘Greta Enters’ performed by Heather McIntosh
‘Far From Here’ performed by Japancakes